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Lair of the Deep (Chibi) Lord

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Friday, May 11th, 2007
6:44 am - Minion Recruiting!
Greetings minions!

It has come to my attention that there has been no active recruitment lately.

Perhapse it is because it disturbs you to consider gaining possession of a mockery of my Ancient Evil.

I shall be benevolent.

An alternate requirement is to merely contact me by e-mail found here at my site and request the address to send a SASE for a minion ID card.

This information will be added to the web site as well.

Join the ranks and spread my beautiful evil!

current mood: benevolent

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Tuesday, December 12th, 2006
8:55 am - Sacrifices are Due
Greetings, worthy minions.

It is time for you to show your due admiration.

Fill my stocking

my xmas stockingCollapse )

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Saturday, June 17th, 2006
12:06 pm - Anthrocon, despair!
Yes! I have arrived at Anthrocon.

My minions bear me well and I have already encountered one of the powerful leaders of this beautiful chaos, unclekage. Proof is forthcoming.

I have also discovered the activities of another minion. He might say otherwise, but no willingly subservient subject of mass marketing can be equal to the Deep Lord!

I wish to thank my minions in the field:

Minion #3: nylima. Your reward is forthcoming.
Minion #4: longtail. You have been blessed. Any who walk by and do not buy will be cursed.
Minion #5: sethtriggs. See minion #4. I tire of this thanking already.
Minion #6: chakatsunstreak. Well, your brain wasn't that tastey anyhow.
Minion #7: coyotenose. Minion #3 will deal with you.
Minion #8: gildedtongue. I do not know how much you have done but, you are a minion.
Minion #9: hetzakoatl. Well... good work. Just good work. Your reward awaits you in the hereafter... or sooner.

To those of you wishing to become minions... find one of my avatars, and invoke my name in any place you go, photographs are welcome to prove my chaos spreads. Then contact Minion #1, purrzah, and she will show my appreciation by adding your name to my scroll of minions, and add your proof to the web page of my travels.

CHAOS IS BEAUTIFUL! Cause some today!

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Friday, June 9th, 2006
8:27 am - I STILL LIVE!
Greetings, minions.

Yes, I still live. The exhausting journey in March sent me to a deep sleep, but I have arisen and I shall be quite busy in the following days.

I have had the annoying buzzing in my ears of hundreds of you speaking about Anthrocon, in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh sounds intriguing to me, and I am most interested to see what kind of depravity my minions have inspired within such a city.

Sadly, however, my primary minions, purrzah and breimh are unable to escape their chains of mundanity, so I was forced to enlist a new minion, nylima. This was not an easy task, as she is under the influence of ladyofthemasque, who is one of my rivals in control over the twisted souls of this earth! However, a great deal of negotiation and distraction has succeeded in enlisting nylima's services.

I have given nylima a list of beings that I wish to enlist. I have also given her instruction to introduce me to as many others as she deems fit.

After this trip I shall then accompany purrzah on a ship up to the most unspoiled area of the country, in hopes of inspiring new minions. More on that later.

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Sunday, March 19th, 2006
11:42 pm - Day Four
Rousting the minions was harder this morning. They barely have any strength, and today is the last day of my inspection!

As they departed the hotel where we had been denning, I took a last look around. I discovered that there was what they call a "hot tub" by the indoor pool, and was under the mistaken impression it was meant to boil humans in, until my minions mentioned how much they had enjoyed soaking in it's waters! How disgusting!

The minions returned to the beach, after having to seek funds in order to pay for parking (which I tried to insist they need not do, as there was no point in paying for that which I would destroy anyhow, as well as there were no payment envelopese left!). There they discovered that purrzah's beach footwear consisted of one left boot sized (mens) 8 and one left boot sized 6! She went instead in her street shoes, which she miraculously kept free of sand. They gathered more riches for me, and several pieces of deadwood (no doubt to prepare a sacrificial fire in my honor). Upon return I began to berate them and they threatened to burn me upon one of the barbecue grills! I convinced them otherwise.

They took me next to the Grays Harbor Lighthouse, where I had hoped they would climb the many stairs to the top and allow me to foul the navigational aid there, but my minions were too lazy! They instead took several photos.

A quick stop after that to pay exhorbitive prices for gasoline and to buy the only truely fast food from their trip and they were on the way back to the headquarters. They dared to pause on the journey to spend time with miladyblue and her foster brother. I remained patient, however.

Now we are returned to headquarters and I find my minions have done well to keep the remaining resident in check.

I plan, next, to journey to the far north in June.

(Chibithulu is a fictional character. His Photo Log can be found by clicking here.)

current mood: Evil

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Saturday, March 18th, 2006
9:37 pm - Day Three
This morning when my minions awoke I greeted them with the sight of a large raptor snatching a seagull out of the air, just yards from their den window. It was a pleasant sight, and they reacted so nicely.

Once again, I bade them take me out into the region. We returned to the docks area, where they visited more shops as I spoke with my immobilized minions. They stopped by a museum where I gazed upon a treasure worth it's weight in gold, a Fresnel Lens formerly from the Destruction Island Lighthouse. There was no way, however, I could steal away the eight ton display.

The minions were tiring from my driving rate of activity, but I did not relent. I was unable, however, to stop them from taking a rest after their mid-day repast and could not stir them at all until time for their supper. After resting from that they vanished on me, apparently to cavort in the hotel's indoor pool. They returned exhausted and I could get nothing more out of them.

They shall suffer for this laziness!

current mood: Amused

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Friday, March 17th, 2006
10:17 pm - Day Two
Once again my minions attempted to sleep in, the lazy creatures. I stirred them out of bed and then out of their den by teasing them with a view of what I led them to believe to be a sea lion on the verge view outside of the window. This sent them quickly to the beach and on a search for the creature.

During this search I forced them to collect items from the sands. These included rocks of quartz and jasper, clam shells and what they so amusingly call sand dollars. Imagine it! These valuable disks just lying around and collected as trinkets. By the time they discovered my ruse of using a large piece of driftwood to resemble the sea lion, they had collected a small fortune of these "sand" dollars for me!

They complained quite vocally about the aches the hike along the beach and returned to the den briefly. Then we went to inspect the dockside shops to see if any sign of my influence could be found.

My minions concentrated on a place called "Granny Hazel's Candy and Gifts". The shop was filled with sweets, mostly of the kind called "salt water taffy"... which tastes nothing like salt water! The most evil thing I could find there was jalapeno flavored taffy, but they refused to buy any of that!

They continued to root around the shops, finding gifts for their friends. Feh. Such worthless efforts.

After shipping some of these sweets off to unworthy souls, the minions then went again south to look at stores in Grayland. They stopped briefly in a shop of antiques and curiosities called the "Saltbox". There I discovered one of my minions frozen in place like a wooden statue! I realised that the area was filled with such immobilized minions and that I would have to visit with as many as I could.

They continued south into a dreary location to a place called the Tokeland Hotel. This was a very old building with the distinction of being the oldest Resort Hotel in the state. I know I had attempted to destroy it in the past, it would appear the foolish mortals had saved it! I found within it's walls another communication device, but like the one the day before it was only a display model.

My minions were quite taken with the hotel and arrived upon the decision that they would dine there for the evening to commemorate their 12th year together. Feh. As if I would give them the opportunity!

I was quite pleased when my minions stopped at the tribal center nearby and I was able to view an old indian graveyard, still in use by the tribe. It pleased me to see it in great disrepair. The natives vex me so.

My next opportunity to speak with an immobilized minion was at a location called "The Mutineer", a small eatery. Inside was an evil looking minion in his bright pirating garb. I whispered in his ear as my minions ate.

After this the minions stopped in a shop called "Mary, Mary, Quite Cranberry". Disgustingly sweet name. They exited quite pleased, as the proprietress had given them a gift of their choice of purchases in recognition for their silly anniversary.

They journeyed from there to their den again to rest and then they dressed in their finery to attend to dinner. I decided to remain in the den and watch copious amounts of cable t.v. while they got the whole romantic nonsense out of their system.

They arrived back to the den satisfied, and retired quickly. I sit here, in the blessed dark, contemplating my next steps of my inspection.

(Chibithulu is a fictional character. His views are not held by the typist or anyone associated with this trip. The Indian Graveyard mentioned above is in bad repair, but left this typist quite stirred with both remorse that damage by storms had left it in such a state. No photos were taken within the graveyard out of respect. I know the graveyard is not the concern of the Native way, but I give a nod to those remembered within. Chibithulu's Photo Log can be found by clicking here.)

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Thursday, March 16th, 2006
8:20 pm - Day One
On this, the first day, I had intended to start before dawn, but my minions had planned to sleep in.

I refused them that pleasure.

Despite my desires, they still did not leave until their own chosen departure time. They briefly stopped to fuel the vehicle and we were on the road. I couldn't drive, my diminutive form prevented this.

Our journey was swift and without incident save for one attempt on my person by individuals unknown in Southern Tacoma. They made it appear like an innocent accident of a stone flying into the windshield of our vehicle and leaving a 1 inch diameter ding, but I knew better. South Tacoma shall suffer for harboring my enemies!

We arrived ahead of schedule at the place where I would make my temporary den, the Chateau Westport. There I allowed my minions to settle our supplies and take their repast. I surveyed what was visible from the window and was not pleased. It was a beautiful sight. I hate beauty.

I soon stirred their worthless selves and they found a back way into a beach area. It was called the Lighthouse Park, and it offered a first view of the ocean. I viewed the vast water and meditated upon its destructive power.

Then my minions drove me further south into the smaller location of Grayland. There they spoke happily of visiting shops and restaurants. I plotted the path of destruction, pleased to see many bright new signs marking the dangers of tsunami waves and showing the paths of tsunami evacuations. The mortals fear my power. This is good.

The minions chose to stop at a place called "Rose Cottage". This sickeningly quaint shop occupied their time far too long, but I allowed them to make a few purchases. Then they required repast again, and I gave them permission to enter the restaurant next door, Bennet's. The fare seemed to please them. There I found a communication device and attempted to contact other minions, but it proved to be a display piece only. I was forced from there to suffer the chatter of a group of beings who called themselves the "San Juanderers".

It was not soon enough that my minions left, but rather than continue the explorations, they returned to the hotel/den. They are insufficient in energy. They required a couple of hours of exposure to cable t.v. and several hours rest before they would be of use to me again.

And so, in the dark of the room, I waited for the next day.

(Chibithulu is a fictional character. His inspection tour can be seen in his photo journal.)

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8:24 am - I ARISE!
Yes my loyal minions!

I have arisen from the deep to inspect the world as you have made it to my desires. Upon this day, with my loyal minions breimh and purrzah I shall embark upon a sampling of your works. Should it please me your suffering will be diminished! Should it not please me... doomed are you all!

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